Feb 26, 2010

Feb 21, 2010

Chocolate Donuts = Gold Medal

Go eat a chocolate donut.

The many faces of ME

Just some different looks I can pull.
This is my "I can be sneaky" look

You have something to say?

It wasn't me....smells like Roxy *wink* *wink*


Gene Simmons has nothing on me

Feb 20, 2010

Story Time

Zoe had a "Story Telling Festival" last night at her school. She did a great job of getting up in front of a classroom full of people and telling her story. Her story is about a DVD player and some other stuff....you will have to ask her to tell her story when you see her next.

The bonus of the night was this kid and his wicked awesome mullet. He told a story about Tiny Tim eating his family. Pure Awesomeness!!

Feb 15, 2010

Happy Valentines

My Dad picked out some great flowers for my Mom for Valentines.

Crazy Guy at Yellowstone

Call me crazy but this guy looks like a serial killer. Its a picture off a web site called "Wilderness Edge Retreat". We are trying to decide on a place to stay in West Yellowstone. The marketing department might want to re think this photo for their web site.

Feb 12, 2010

Getting Cuter and Cuter

I'm getting Cuter and cuter if I can say so my self. My older brother Noah is super cute too (not as cute as I am, but thats hard to beat).

Feb 6, 2010

Zoe Baptism/Maggies Blessing

Zoe was baptized today and I was blessed. It was a great day with family. Here are a bunch of pictures my dad took. He takes A LOT of pictures now that he has a new camera. Pictures are in no particular order. My dad didn't get the camera out until after Steve/kristen/Piper and Max left so we don't have pics of them....Sorry. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting our family.


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My name is Maggie Jane. I was born December 30, 2009. I wasn't suppose to get here until January 9, 2010 but I knew Noah wouldn't want to share a Birthday with me. I also knew my parents wanted that tax break for 2009.