Oct 25, 2010

Funny Picture

Not sure what makes this kid more GANGSTA the neon green shovel sized ice cream or the Nintendo T-Shirt.

Oct 20, 2010

Halloween Bloody Fingers

Zoe and Noah love making Bloody fingers for Halloween.  Peanut Butter, Pretzels, Almonds and some red food coloring. 

Oct 15, 2010


Zoe had a talent show at school and played the piano.  She did a duet with our neighbor Jeffery Bateman.
Maggie keeps on practicing her talent of twisting her tongue.
Just on the brink of crying, Maggie is cute doing anything.

Oct 10, 2010

Steve is Old!

We celebrated Uncle Steve's 41st B-Day this last week.   Happy Birthday Steve!
Steve is a TRUE Cokeville Panther fan.   He has more Panther Pride than most.

This is the Beautiful Cake Piper and Kristen made Steve.  Its from the Simpson's.

This is the card Noah picked for Uncle Steve.  He chose it because there is a little boy on the front in his Big Boy's.

Maggie and Uncle Mike.

Max sitting in Maggie's Play Saucer.

Oct 3, 2010

HomeComing 2010 - Cokeville

Panther Pride!
Noah and Micah love getting candy at the parade.  Get out of their way or they will run you over.

Mary Lue feeding the missionaries.

Blake and Anthony showing their PANTHER PRIDE

Ernie being Ernie

Guess who?

Just like good old dad

Kade Thornock running the ball

Kade about to score

Kade scoring.  Cokeville won this game 47 to 6

9 months old

Maggie is 9 months old.  Where has that time gone?
Maggie loves to chew on things...anything.

She can twist her tongue and is always doing that.

Trying to stand...They grow up so fast.

Of course we think she is the cutest baby ever.


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