Jun 22, 2010

Dinosaurs at Thanksgiving Point

Zoe and Noah LOVE Dinosaurs so we spent a day at Thanksgiving Point and the Dinosaur Museum.

Noah running around like a Dinosaur
Thats the ???????? of a Super Big Dinosaur
Maggie slept through the whole thing.

Jun 17, 2010

Park City Vol. 2

We went to the Olympic park while we were in Park City and watched a skier practice jumping into the pool.
Recognize this from the opening or closing ceremonies? Creepy huh!
Noah and Zoe really just wanted to swim the entire trip and doesn't this picture scream Olympic Gold Medalist.
Here is a glimpse of Noah's new Jordan's. The original colorway and he has to wait to wear them in the fall for school. AWESOME SHOES!

Jun 6, 2010

Park City Vol. 1

Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster, Trampolines and almost getting snowed on.


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