Nov 23, 2010

Happy Birthday James Brown

Today is James Brown's Birthday.  In fact it's his 40th Birthday.  To celebrate his birthday he went out and hit a deer.

 To Clarify we have a James Brown in our family, No not that James Brown, but yes he can sing and dance with the best of them.  

Here is a video of an old SNL skit of Eddie Murphy playing James Brown.  It reminds us of our James Brown.  (get through the ads, its worth it)

Nov 16, 2010

Don't forget Maggie

Maggie was a bee for Halloween and we forgot to post pics of her. 

Nov 12, 2010

Theatre at Shelley Elementary

Zoe was great in the 3rd grade performance this year.  She danced, played a flute thingy and sang.  She did a GREAT job!
Micah and Noah wanting to know "is it time to go home yet"?

Playing that flute thingy

Still going strong even with an itch in her eye

Nov 9, 2010

100 Post....Get a life (us not you...uh maybe you too)

Well this is our 100 post on our blog and if your not surprised you should be.  We started this blog really for Dave (mark's brother) and his family in Georgia.  I'm pretty sure he has never been to it.   

Jazz beat the Miami heat tonight in Overtime

Hopefully reading our blog is just slightly better than this happening to you

Nov 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Noah = Darth Vader  Zoe = Astrid (How to train your dragon)

Heading to school as "Darth"

Noah did not wait for his cousins at the "Trunk or Treat" because they walk to slow getting candy. 



Uncle James is a favorite with Maggie.

Nov 1, 2010

Behind Bars

Maggie likes to play Jail "peek a boo" in her crib

She is very proud of her 2 bottom teeth


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