Feb 23, 2011

"I Love Frosty's"

Maggie pulled a frosty out of the freezer and got crazy.  She can do anything and still be Cute no matter what mess she makes.

Feb 20, 2011

5th annual Daddy/Daughter Snowboard day

Zoe and Dad made their annual trek to the Canyons resort to snowboard.  Zoe is getting better and better each year.  The snow was good and the crowds were low so that made it fun for everyone.
Zoe was so excited to go Snowboarding she could hardly sleep the night before.

Zoe doesn't like the people mover you have to ride from the parking lot to the resort.

A nice gondola ride up the mountain.

Strapping in and ready to go

The Canyons has done a lot of improvements on their mountain but nothing bigger and better than getting rid of the toe rope and putting in this moving walk way.  Made it so nice and easy.

Wouldn't be snowboarding if Zoe didn't spend some time on her butt.

After some trial runs on the beginner hill we headed to the "Bigger" hill and tested Zoe's skills.

Getting on the lift is a big deal all on its own. 

 Like riding a bike. 

Down the big hill she went and she LOVED it!
This year Zoe wanted to go through the Snowboard park and ride the Fun Box.  She would climb back up just to go on it.  You could say Mark was and is a VERY PROUD dad. 

No one got hurt and we had a blast!

Feb 3, 2011

Zoe's 9th Birthday Party

Zoe and Eight of her friends + putting Mark in charge + Noah + Monkey Island = fun and a headache at the end of the night.  Zoe and her friends had fun and that's what matters.
Maggie not happy about a bunch of girls invading her house.

Mark and Noah had more fun than any one else.
Addison, Mia, Zoe, Daisy, Jenna, Noah, Lexi and Halle


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