Apr 29, 2011

Easter Dress

Maggie wearing her new Easter dress.

Maggie got all the camera time and we didn't 
get any pics of Zoe in her new dress.  Opps!

Apr 28, 2011


Some "creepy" person dressed up like the Easter Bunny 
came around the neighborhood getting pics with kids.  
Wow that sounds really creepy.

Maggie got a Barbie ball

Easter presents are almost the best.

Easter eggs were everywhere in back yard and front.

Almost stepped in dog poop.

Spring is kinda here.

Apr 6, 2011

Iron Man and Darth Vader

 Maybe uncle Mike should take Iron Man and Darth Vader
Don't they look like they could do some serious damage?

Time for Spring Soccer!

 Zoe's first game of the season
 She likes to play goalie

Go Zoe!

Uncle Mike

 It was a bit of a chore to get all of the kids on the couch
 Max kept escaping

Mark's brother Mike is headed to Afghanistan for a year or two. 
He is in the Special Forces. Good luck Uncle Mike!

It's kinda spring

After days of Noah's begging...

We finally put the tramp up!

More pictures of Maggie

 Crazy dog!
 A little crack never hurt anyone
LOVES the blankie!

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