Aug 18, 2011

July 24th Pt. 2

Maggie wants to Ride!

Flag football.....we tried to not disappoint Kenny.  Whose the fat guy in blue?

That's Cole's and Frank Bagley's back sides.  Nice work guys.

The Cheerleaders were out in force.

Mark fell down a lot.

Micah, Noah and Maggie

Ryan Thornock let all the kids ride some of his horses.  Thank you Ryan!

Noah and Micah chased the calf.

Zoe and Maggie had a great time.

Aug 12, 2011

Cokeville - July 24th Pt. 1

Yes we are behind on the post.  Oh well.
Davis Football Team....and Mason

Guess who this guy belongs too?

The life of the party.

waiting for candy.

Trust me when I say this kid has an AWESOME Mullet.

Look close.

Birch Butt

This guy is ready to Party.

Told ya....AWESOME!
The parade got wild this year.
Ashbee is the Senior Class President and will dance anywhere, even on horse poop.

Aug 6, 2011

Zions National Park

Yes we have slacked on this blog thing.  Here are the pics of the Zions portion of our Summer Vacation.

The kids kept feeding this squirrel.


Maggie LOVED every minute of the 1,000 degree weather.

Amanda is so strong.

Uncle Steve, Max and Piper

There's that dang dirty squirrel

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