Jul 8, 2011

Heat, Puke, Zions National Park and the Grand Canyon

This summer for the Anderson's Family vacation we went to St. George with Mark's brother's family.  We went to the Grand Canyon and Zion's National Park.  It was hot as Hades, kids got sick and there was a car accident in Vegas.  Sounds likes a National Lampoons movie, nope just another vacation as Anderson's. 

Jacob Lake Gas Station

Jacob Lake 45 miles before the Grand Canyon

Mark worked at Jacob Lake the fall of 1995

Zoe and Noah at the Grand Canyon
Piper, Noah, Steve, Max and Zoe

Steve and Max (Noah climbing under the rail)

Grand Canyon Wasps that tried to Kill us.

Get me the "H" out of this thing!

Maggie, Piper and Zoe

Noah at Angel's Window...see the hole in the rock?

Hippies sleeping on the edge of the canyon



Run Deer Run

Jul 3, 2011

Bear River Lodge

We have been slacking on blog post so here we go at coming up to speed.  A few weeks ago we went up to Bear River Lodge with all of Amanda's family for the summer reunion.  We had a great time.
The Deer looked beat up.

Grandpa teaching the Grandkids how to fish.

Mckay ready for fun.

Maggie acted like she ruled the place as usual.

The kids all got in the hot tub.  The highlight for most of the kids.

From Left to Right: Shelbi, Demi, a Twin, Michea, the other Twin, Ali, Zoe, Taylee, Sissi, Noah, Miles, Micah and Mikayla. 

Aunt Abby...Her expression sums it all up.

Maggie loves her Aunt Aubrey.

Maggie has second thoughts about her Uncle James

The Bear River

Mckay fishing.

Uncle Cole teaching Noah how to shoot a gun.

Grandpa taught Noah how to fish and let him use his pole.

We rented these side by sides and had the most fun.


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